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Motorsport Rewards FAQ

1. What is Motorsport Rewards?

Motorsport Rewards is a loyalty program provided by Motorsport Network that encourages users to earn rewards for doing things they already like to do such as reading articles, watching videos, and browsing our sites.

2. How do I join Motorsport Rewards?

To join Motorsport Rewards all you need is a Motorsport Network account.

To login or register go to Motorsport Rewards and click the “Sign In” button in the top right corner then click “Sign Up”.

Make sure to always stay signed in to ensure the Rewards program is active when you are completing your earn activities.

3. Where is Motorsport Rewards available?

Motorsport Rewards is currently only available for users located in the United States, but we are planning to expand the program globally in the near future.

4. Can I access Motorsport Rewards even if I travel outside my region?

Yes! As long as you are signed in you can earn points anywhere in the world.

5. What are Motorsport Rewards points worth?

Motorsport Reward points have no cash value and are just a currency we use to allow users to redeem rewards.

6. What rewards can I earn by participating in Motorsport Rewards?

While our prize pool is constantly expanding, we currently feature gift cards, subscriptions, watches, apparel, posters & fine art, sweepstake entries, and digital codes for NASCAR video games.

You can find all available rewards by going to your Rewards tab.

7. How do I ensure I am earning points for completing tasks?

Make sure you are always signed into your account on every website where you are completing your daily activities. This will automatically engage the Motorsport Rewards program and you will collect points. If you are not signed in your points will not register.

8. Are there age restrictions to participating in Microsoft Rewards?

If you’re under the age of 13, your parent/legal guardian will need to give you consent at the time you create your Motorsport Rewards account.

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